MapDecision and its related software products developed by EMI Systems allow users to compare cases, perform multiple attribute evaluation, rank, weigh and group cases, explore and explain patterns, target and allocate resources based on formulas. They are tools for strategic assessment, policy dialog, monitoring and evaluation, which combine quantitative data with the expertise of the participants in problem-solving. 

Unlike GIS applications, MapDecision and its related software applications have analytical and social statistics capabilities, from standardization and grouping to correlation, regression and multiple regression, as well as Lorenz curves and Gini coefficient computation, all presented in a very user-friendly manner. MapDecision offers simultaneous analysis for several time periods for most of its analytical procedures. 

MapDecision and related software products have powerful and unique decision support functions, many of which are EMI Systems innovations: 

o Transparent, user-defined index definition and use 

o Quadrant analysis targeting 

o SWOT analysis 

o Algorithm for index-based resource allocation 

o Algorithm for index-based cost-sharing 

o Procedures for local cooperation and trade-offs 

EMI Systems software applications are customized and client-oriented, so they could best meet the client’s requirements. The main products are: 

MapDecision family, consisting of versions 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0 and WEB-based version of MapDecision 

Data Management Products: 

o Executive Data Import Utility 

o Executive Data Query System 

o EMIS Data Replication System 

o EMIS Data Entry System 

o Data Exchange and Update System 

o Data Report System (Statistical Yearbooks, Analytical reports) 


Map Manager & Editor 

Reports and Outputs/Printing System